St. David's HealthCare

St. David's HealthCare is one of the largest health systems in Texas and Austin's
third-largest private employer, with more than 60 sites throughout Central Texas,
including seven hospitals, four urgent care centers, four ambulatory surgery centers,
and two freestanding emergency departments, with a third set to open in Bastrop this summer.

St. David's HealthCare has a long history of serving the residents of Central Texas
with exceptional medical care. Our 7,500 employees touch over 858,000 lives each
year with a spirit of warmth, friendliness and personal pride.

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Preparing for Your Baby’s Birth

  1. Preparing for Your Baby’s Birth

    It is important to pre-register with St. David’s North Austin Medical Center. You may do so by clicking here. When completing the online information, please use the name that appears on the ID you will present at the hospital when you deliver.

  2. Understand mother’s insurance benefits and/or discuss other payment options

    If you are planning to deliver with us and would like to understand how your hospital benefits work at St. David’s North Austin Medical Center, please contact us by clicking here to submit basic information so that we may help you prepare for your delivery.

    We are able to provide the best estimate 1-3 months prior to your anticipated delivery date. Physicians and hospitals bill separately, therefore, we can only provide the estimated amount for your hospital portion.

  3. Understand baby’s insurance coverage options
    • How do I add my Baby to Insurance?

      During your second trimester, you should contact your insurance company and/or Human Resources department, to find out how and when to add your baby. If your baby will stay in the hospital on average 2-4 days and your physician does not anticipate any complications, most insurance plans cover baby under mom’s maternity benefits. Your deductible and co-insurances will apply in this situation.

    • I plan to apply or need help applying for Medicaid or other healthcare coverage

      During your hospital stay, a representative will visit with you and determine if you are eligible to apply for Medicaid. To make this determination, the representative will ask you questions about income, family size, etc. If you are eligible, they will help with the enrollment process. If you are not eligible, the representative will forward your information to our financial counselor so that they may discuss any additional options available to you.

    • I already have Medicaid and plan on adding my baby to my Medicaid plan

      Once your baby is born, please call 211 to add your baby to your Medicaid plan.

    • I’d like to understand other payment options available at your hospital

      Our financial counselors can discuss the best option available to you. Please call 512-901-1575 to speak to a financial counselor to discuss payment options.

  4. Understanding financial steps if my baby is admitted to the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at St. David’s North Austin Medical Center)
    • While your baby is in the NICU, our financial counselor will contact you by phone and ask to which policy you’ll be adding your baby.

      We encourage you to add your baby to as soon as possible. Insurance companies require notification of the baby’s stay while in the NICU.

    • The Financial Counselor will follow-up with your insurance company until they verify that your baby has been added to your policy.

    • If you decide to add your baby to an insurance plan other than the plan that covered the delivery, please call us at 512-901-1575.

      We will need to know this information to avoid denial of payment from your insurance company for your baby’s stay.