St. David's HealthCare

St. David's HealthCare is one of the largest health systems in Texas and Austin's
third-largest private employer, with more than 60 sites throughout Central Texas,
including seven hospitals, four urgent care centers, four ambulatory surgery centers,
and two freestanding emergency departments, with a third set to open in Bastrop this summer.

St. David's HealthCare has a long history of serving the residents of Central Texas
with exceptional medical care. Our 7,500 employees touch over 858,000 lives each
year with a spirit of warmth, friendliness and personal pride.

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What to Expect?

Fertility specialists urge couples experiencing difficulty conceiving for more than a year, and women who are over the age of 35, to see a qualified physician trained in diagnosing and treating infertility problems.  We encourage you to talk with a physician to help determine your best course of action.

Much will be determined by your first few visits with your doctor.  He or she will most likely want to obtain a medical and family history and run a few tests.

Some tests you might expect are:

  • Blood test
  • Semen analysis 
  • Cervical mucus/post-coital test 
  • Ultrasound 
  • Hysterosalpinogram (HSG)
  • Laparoscopy 
  • Endometrial biopsy
Preparing for your Visit