St. David's HealthCare

St. David's HealthCare is one of the largest health systems in Texas and Austin's
third-largest private employer, with more than 60 sites throughout Central Texas,
including seven hospitals, four urgent care centers, four ambulatory surgery centers,
and two freestanding emergency departments, with a third set to open in Bastrop this summer.

St. David's HealthCare has a long history of serving the residents of Central Texas
with exceptional medical care. Our 7,500 employees touch over 858,000 lives each
year with a spirit of warmth, friendliness and personal pride.

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Newborn Care in the NICU

Newborn Care

While the babies' medical needs are being addressed, their developmental needs are also a key component of NICU care. Over stimulation hinders growth, making it important for babies to receive adequate quiet time. Our NICUs feature isolettes, designed to create an environment conducive to healing and growth for the newborn. The isolettes shield each baby from noise and activity, an important feature for developing preemies. Quiet surroundings, proper temperature settings and special lighting provide an individualized environment for each newborn. While the area is elegantly decorated, it is also a model of high-tech excellence.

A baby's digestive tract is one of the last systems to develop, making nutrition an important factor in a newborn's early growth. A neonatology-trained dietitian is available to provide nutritional consults and, because of our commitment to the benefits of breast milk, if their mother is unable to provide milk babies in the NICU are fed milk from the Mother's Milk Bank.

Parents are always welcome to call and speak with their baby's nurse at any time of the day or night. We also encourage parents to visit and participate in their baby's care when appropriate.

Every parent looks forward to one's baby coming home. Yet, after time spent receiving special care in NICU, the transition may bring anxiety as well as excitement. To ease the process, we offer suites where parents and baby spend the newborn's last night in the NICU together. These suites provide a comfortable, private transition environment, and NICU staff are just steps away to provide support and answer any questions.